' Harmony Cellars - Cork Crafting "HOW TO" by Jacy & Brittany
Cork Crafting "HOW TO" by Jacy & Brittany


You Will Need:
Wine Cork
Glue gun
Succulent cuttings
¼ drill bit and power drill
Potting soil

Step by Step:

1. Drill a small hole in either top of side of cork.
2. Use hot glue gun to glue magnet to back of cork.
3. Put a small amount of soil in drilled hole and plant succulent cutting.
4. Water succulent 1x week or as needed.


You Will Need:
(8) Wine corks
Glue gun

Step by Step:
1. Glue pairs of corks together on the long side (makes 4 pairs)
2. Glue cork pairs together, alternating vertical/horizontal pattern, to create a square.


You Will Need:
(13) Wine corks
Glue gun
Large craft stick
Wide ribbon, 11 inches long (for backing)
Thin ribbon, 8 inches long (for top loop)
Push pins

Step by Step:
1. Using craft stick as a base, center wide ribbon and glue to the back of the stick *Ribbon will hang off the top/bottom of the stick.
2. Glue four pairs of corks together.
3. Starting at the top of the ribbon, glue a horizontal cork to the top of one of the cork pairs. Continue to alternate this pattern working down the ribbon/stick.
4. Finish by gluing a ribbon loop to the top of the board.

Happy Cork Crafting from Jacy & Brittany!

Post By:   Erin Martin