' Harmony Cellars - Harmonious Vacation Tips from Kim
Harmonious Vacation Tips from Kim

Vacationing with Chuck in Ainsa, Spain in 2016.
1. Start by planning your vacation well in advance. I recommend to start at least 3 months before the planned vacation.

2. Whether you use a travel agent or plan your vacation yourself, make sure that you are completely apprised of all factors on your itinerary. For example, 1) how long it will take to travel from one spot to the next, 2) what time can you check into your hotel, 3) are there any restaurants located near your hotel, etc.

3. Purchase local foreign currency before leaving. This will save time and eliminate the stress of looking for an ATM when you first arrive.

4. Rent from a well-known car rental company. Names like Hertz, Avis, Enterprise, Budget, Alamo etc. all have good reputations. Small local car rental companies can cause more stress than the savings are worth. Believe me, I know from personal experience. Big name companies have set policies to which they strictly adhere.

5. Purchase travel insurance from a reliable company. The book “The Globetrotter’s Guide to Travel Insurance” is very helpful. If something like a delay or lost luggage or sickness comes into play on your vacation, travel insurance can be quite helpful. My father got sick while travelling, and he had purchased Travel Guard insurance; they paid for most of his overseas medical expenses and paid to fly him back home. Also, if you need to cancel your trip before you go, any prepaid monies will be reimbursed by the Travel Insurance Company.

6. If travelling with other people, be sure that all parties agree ahead to time on how you will travel. For example, 1) will you be spending all of your time together, 2) will you be splitting costs, 3) are you interested in seeing the same sites, etc. Remember, just because you are good friends, doesn’t mean that you will be well suited travelling companions.

7. Carry two bottles of Harmony Cellars wine with you on your trip. They can be stored safely in your suitcase with a “Wine Skin” (available for purchase in our tasting room). That way you will know that your wine will arrive intact to your vacation destination.

While on vacation, take a picture of yourself with a bottle of Harmony Cellars wine. If you email us your picture, you will be entered into our vacation drawing to be held Friday, June 16th, 2017. The winner will receive two tickets to our Saturday, July 1st, Harmony Town Social. Send photos to info@harmonycellars.com!

Kim Mulligan and her husband, Chuck, own Harmony Cellars. She works as the General Manager and Accountant for the winery.

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