' Harmony Cellars - Harmony Wine & Beer Festival 2018
Harmony Wine & Beer Festival 2018

Chuck and I want to dedicate this blog to all wineries, breweries and volunteers who helped to make our First Harmony Wine and Beer Festival a success. Thanks for being here. We really appreciate all of you. Also, thank you to all of our festival goers who purchased tickets.

Saturday, August 4th, 2018 was a beautiful, but hot, day in Harmony. We had lots of great wine and beer for all to try, and Bear Market Riot was a huge hit with the attendees. We had over 570 people at the event, and we raised lots of money for diapers, formula, strollers, cribs, etcetera for Infant Essentials, our San Luis Obispo County based charity. Heather Markham, President of Infant Essentials, was brought to tears with the huge success of this event.

We plan on putting on the Harmony Wine and Beer Festival again next year. We hope to see all of you there.


Kim and Chuck

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