' Harmony Cellars - Snapshot of Harmony Harvest 2022
Snapshot of Harmony Harvest 2022

“The early heat wave caused a lot of issues, and we had to react as best we could. For example, Zinfandel was both the first variety and the last variety we harvested. In 39 harvests, this has never happened to me before,” says Winemaker Chuck.

“The yields were very low but the quality was very good. We’re going to make some great wines with this fruit,” says Assistant Winemaker Kevin.

Harvest began September 5, 2022 & ended October 21, 2022.

Harvest by the numbers:
47 days of harvest
93 tons of grapes processed *this equates to:
260 barrels
6,394 cases
76,725 bottles
383,625 glasses of wine
14 varieties harvested *one of which was Barbera

Fun fact: Grapes need heat to ripen……but it can’t get too hot! When temperatures exceed 95˚, the vines completely shut-down to conserve water and the grapes stop ripening.

Looking forward to sharing the "fruits" of our team’s labor in the future!
Post By:   Erin Martin