' Harmony Cellars - Finding Your Harmony by Brittany
Finding Your Harmony by Brittany

It is a special time here on the Central Coast with the green rolling hills and SUPER BLOOM! The Carrizo Plains are bursting with color and amazing rolling hills filled with wildflowers. I decided to take a drive to see this beautiful sight, but not without my favorite bottle of Harmony wine, today being the 2015 Chardonnay. A crowd favorite at the winery and always my "go to." This Chardonnay has the perfect balance of fruit and oak with notes of buttered toast. Yummy!

I found my Harmony in a bottle of our Chardonnay while picnicking in 75 degree weather and enjoying all of the happy colors that remind me that Spring is here!

It is a perfect time to visit, but the bloom won't last for long. Hurry! It's a great excuse for a trip or drive. The weather and views in Harmony have been spectacular, and our patio is beautiful for a picnic! We have some wines that would pair perfectly with any occasion and our lovely spring weather.

So come see us to taste some of our award winning wines and we hope in the process you FIND YOUR HARMONY. See you soon! P.S. Please don't forget to tag us as you enjoy your favorite Harmony wines at your favorite places using #findingharmony

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