' Harmony Cellars - Incorporating wine into a healthy, active lifestyle—balance is key!
Incorporating wine into a healthy, active lifestyle—balance is key!

Kim & Chuck hiking in Costa Rica, December 2018

What healthy activity or fitness focused hobbies do you take part in?

Running, Swimming, Hiking, Yoga/Pilates. My exercise routine all started with running. It’s an activity that can be done anywhere, even on vacation! Running has always given me an intense natural high. Now that feeling extends to all my exercise routines.

How does your fitness routine play into your business?
I exercise before work, because it makes me feel invigorated all day long.

How do you balance drinking great wine while still staying fit?
Well, of course, I reward myself with wine at the end of the day. I exercise daily; so, my wine reward is continuous.

Do you have any fitness activity you’d love to try or be more involved in?
My next fitness goal is to put biking into my exercise program.

What is your number one tip in maintaining fitness goals while still drinking great Harmony wine?
I feel that the key to a good fitness routine is to find an activity that you love. Since exercising burns calories, my regular fitness routine enables me to have that extra glass of wine or add dessert. I have been running almost every day since I was in my thirties. Since I am now in my sixties, I mix up my exercise, but I still LOVE every minute.

Post By:   Erin Martin