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News travels fast in the tiny town of Harmony--Population 18. Keep up with the latest happenings here!

June 13, 2019
Population explosion expected again in the town of Harmony!


January 18, 2019
Kim Mulligan, co-owner of Harmony Cellars, is a wine enthusiast AND fitness devotee.
Read the fun Q & A below and learn how Kim balances her love of wine with her daily exercise routine.


November 12, 2018
Not everyone looks forward to mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole and candied yams at Thanksgiving...


October 12, 2018
Fall is our favorite time of year at Harmony Cellars.....


August 7, 2018
570 festival attendees "took over the town" on Saturday, August 4th!


January 4, 2018
I’m the Mom of a VERY high energy boy. Our son keeps us (happily) on our toes all the time. I’m also a Mom who likes wine and who occasionally (usually while on vacation) enjoys visiting new tasting rooms and trying new wines with my husband and son.


December 1, 2017
Here are some fun ideas for cork crafting! Step by step instructions and photos, too. 
*And the best corks for crafting are Harmony Cellars wine corks, of course!


November 14, 2017
“How’s harvest going?” or ” Normal year?” Just a couple of the questions I’m asked frequently every year during harvest. And my answer is always the same, “What’s normal? Some things are great, some things are not so great—that’s harvest!”


September 13, 2017
It’s the time of year when I get nothing done on Sundays. Why? Because it’s time for NFL and Fantasy Football! With that said, I don’t want to spend much time preparing complicated football snacks. The easy way to go would be to order a pizza, but I am fortunate enough to have a few easy recipes that will get me through the games.


June 19, 2017
Summertime is here! Time to kick back and enjoy the weather. We have some fun and creative recipes using our favorite Harmony Cellars wines!


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