' Harmony Cellars - Private Tastings/Patio Rental Fees

Private Tastings/Patio Rental Fees

Private Wine Tastings at Harmony Cellars

Harmony's hilltop patio makes the perfect venue for a private wine experience. A personal wine steward will share Harmony Cellars' story and guide tasters through an interactive wine tasting. Reservations for a Private Tasting must be made at least two weeks in advance. Contact Erin at 805.927.1625 or info@harmonycellars.com.
Fee Structure:
$200 minimum OR $40 per person *$30 per person for club members
Price covers a tasting of up to six wines from our current wine list, logo wine glass and a 10% discount on wine. Private Tastings must be scheduled within our normal business hours 10am-5pm. The area for a Private Tasting will be reserved for up to ninety minutes.
Deposit: To secure a date and time, a deposit for approximately half the number of guests is required for all Private Tastings.

Patio Area Rental
For a more casual wine experience, an area of our patio can be reserved for larger parties of 10 or more. This rental guarantees a private space on our hilltop patio, for up to ninety minutes, during our normal business hours between 10am-5pm. No outside alcohol is permitted. Reservations must be made two weeks prior by contacting Erin Martin at 805.927.1625.
Fee Structure:
$30 per person *$20 per person for club members (does not include wine)
The per person price is reflective of all those in the group including children and non-drinkers. Wine tasting and/or wine by the glass or bottle will be available for purchase. Deposit: To secure a date and time, a deposit for approximately half the number of guests is required. 

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Our Hilltop Patio Makes the Perfect Spot
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Reservations Required - Call Erin at 805.927.1625

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